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Recruitment FAQs

Where is the MCPAA Form?

My university says I don't need recommendation letters -- should I get them anyway?

Probably. Each sorority has its own requirements, however, it is our understanding that even when a school says you don't have to have them, you should still get them. 


To illustrate this point, we are aware of a PNM who followed her school's advice and did not secure any recommendations.  She was cut by all but one house after the first round. Reference practices vary greatly by chapter, but it's a good idea to make the effort to obtain references for all chapters on your campus.  If you were evaluating a future sister, would you move forward with the one with recommendation letters or the one without?


Whom should I put as a reference on my forms and resumes?

Teachers, coaches, counselors, neighbors, people for whom you babysit/pet sit, employers, clergy. Any of these would be good choices for references.

My school recruits in the spring -- why do I have to register with MCPAA so early?

Letting us know of your interest in pursuing Spring recruitment helps you -- and us.  Here are a few things to think about:


  1. Our alumnae are available to write the recommendations as they are writing for all the girls.  Often alums will set aside weeks/days on their personal calendars in the spring specifically for writing recommendations

  2. Sororities will review PNMs during the fall semester, so get your recommendations to them early!

  3. You will be so busy in the fall, it will make your life easier if you do it all now.

MCPAA's registration deadline is coming up, but my university's recruitment registration still isn't open -- what should I do?

Not to worry! Sign up with us (MCPAA) now and register with your university when registration opens.  You need these two different registrations for two different purposes:

  • The university registration notifies your college Panhellenic that you are going through recruitment. Continue to check with them periodically until registration opens.

  • The MCPAA registration gets your recommendation letters started. We need your information by April 1/May 1 in order to get our recommendations written and sent to the sororities in a timely fashion.  We write more than 2,100 recommendation letters each year. The earlier we have your information, the better positioned we are to help you. 


What if I miss MCPAA's registration deadline?

You can still register, however, we do not guarantee that every sorority will be able to write you a timely recommendation.


I already have alums who have agreed to write my references -- how do I notify you of the references I already have?
Yay! It's great that you have sorority alums writing you personal recommendations. We suggest you go ahead and have MCPAA members write you a recommendation as well. Why? The reason is simple: the promised reference might not come through (life sometimes gets in the way).  If you have two recommendations for a sorority, the sorority isn't going to penalize you for it. 

I would like to get letters from people other than MCPAA members, but I'm struggling to find a few sorority alumnae.  I've exhausted my friends and family.

Do a google search--sorority name + alumnae + The Woodlands, for example.  You might find a name you recognize or even one you don't. Message them.  If you aren't successful, contact the national headquarters of each sorority for which you need a recommendation and ask for a contact in the area.  If that doesn't work, then contact the chapter at your chosen university.  Ask for a chapter advisor's contact information.  Contact the advisor and ask for local alumnae.  

I haven't received my recommendations from MCPAA.

We do not send recommendations to you. They go directly to the sorority.  


One last thought...

Remember a letter of support or recommendation is a letter of introduction to a collegiate chapter on behalf of a potential new member (PNM).  Membership selection is the privilege and responsibility of the collegiate chapter members.  A reference or letter of recommendation does not guarantee an invitation to membership.  Reference practices vary greatly by chapter and specific questions can be answered by an alumnae chairman in the university's area or by the collegiate chapter chairman or by the university's panhellenic.


Still need help?  Contact us at

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