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What is Recruitment?

Most campuses have a formal recruitment process in the fall. Check the Panhellenic website at the campus where you plan to attend college

Recruitment week is meant to facilitate a mutual selection between the potential new member and the sorority. During this week, potential new members have the opportunity to meet the women of each sorority chapter.

Recruitment Week

Check the Panhellenic website at the campus where you plan to attend or are attending college, but generally, there will be three to five rounds with one occurring on each day of recruitment week. Usually, each round has a theme and dress attire. Typically the dress attire starts casual and ends formally. During each round, the sororities and rushees will narrow their selection. The final party is called the Preference Party. 

Campus Panhellenic Sites

Click here for links to Texas collegiate Panhellenic websites, as well as some of those around the country.

Register With MCPAA

Now that you're preparing to register for recruitment at your chosen university, it's time to register with us! Learn more about how MCPAA can assist you in your journey >>

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