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Sorority Recruitment Checklist


  • Clean up personal social media accounts

  • Request high school transcript

  • Start asking around for sorority alumnae contacts for letters of recommendation

  • Begin working on your social resume (GPA, class rank, school activities, community involvement, SAT/ACT)

  • Take or select your photos for recruitment registration

  • Start working on your Introductory Video if requested

  • Do your due diligence and know what dues and costs are typical for sorority life at your University

March  - April 

  • Check your university’s Panhellenic website for registration information (and register with them as soon as it opens!)

  • Continue to seek out local alumnae you know for recommendations

  • Finish your introductory video

  • Follow social media pages of your university's Panhellenic and all the sororities on your campus.  (If you are liking posts, like all sororities' sites!)

  • Find out if you need early-move in accommodations


  • Confirm your registration with your university’s Panhellenic 

  • Practice small talk with family/friends/neighbors

  • Select recruitment outfits/jewelry/shoes

  • Break in new shoes

  • If part of recruitment is virtual, confirm you have earpods, a mic and appropriate lighting

  • Pack an emergency kit (oil blotter sheets, lipstick, mints, etc)

  • Send thank you notes to the alumnae women who wrote letters for you


Week Before Recruitment

  • Nails, hair, packing

  • Double check your list

  • Breathe


Recruitment Week


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