Top Ten Reasons to Join a Sorority

1. A PLACE TO BELONG- That feeling of belonging, an identity. Sorority life is based on a family-type situation. it gives a firm basis to experiencing college life with sisters who are interested in helping you adjust to your  new college experiences. 

2. INSPIRES YOU TO DEVELOP HIGH STANDARDS- Sorority life inspires you to develop as a person by promoting high standards for scholarships, citizenship and social conduct. 

3. ENCOURAGES COMMITMENT- Sorority life pushes you to meet your greatest potential according to your skills and talents. Sororities emphasize excellence. 

4. TEACHES MANAGEMENT SKILLS- Sorority life teaches you to manage your time wisely in addition to organizational and decision making skills that will serve you well in the future.

5. ORGANIZES FUN SOCIAL EVENTS- Sororities provide fun events and activities with your sisters, fraternities, and other campus organizations

6. ENCOURAGES LOYALTY- Sorority life encourages your loyalty and allegiance to your sisters, your sorority, your college and your nation. 

7.EMPHASIZES ACADEMICS- Sororities highly emphasize academics by providing the right atmosphere and encouraging good study habits.

8. PROMOTES LEADERSHIP- Sororities promote leadership by encouraging your participation in shapter government and campus activities.

9. FOSTERS CONCERN FOR OTHERS- Sorority life encourages you to participate in philanthropic projects that enable you to give of yourself to help others and the world around you. 

10. DEVELOPS LIFELONG FRIENDSHIPS- Sorority life develops and encourages lifelong friendships that grow strong with common experiences and remain true over years to come. 


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