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Sorority Facts



  • WE’RE SMART.  On average, the all-sorority and fraternity GPA consistently matches and often well exceeds the all-women’s, men’s and campus average. 

  • WE’RE DIVERSE.  Fraternities and sororities represent the diversity of most campus populations.  Also, each group is unique, so you won’t find two that are identical.  

  • WE’RE RESPONSIBLE.  Members who make commitments to themselves, and their chapters prove to be among the university’s most well respected students and most loyal alumnae.  

  • WE HELP OTHERS.  Members participate in countless hours of community service and contribute annually to charitable organizations.  

  • WE’RE LEADERS.  Fraternity men and women are involved in an array of campus activities, are often the most visible campus leaders, and are the most enthusiastic supporters of university events such as homecoming, Panhellenic-wide functions, and intercollegiate and intramural sports.  

  • WE DON’T HAZE.  Hazing is prohibited; it’s against the law, and it is enforced -- plain and simple!  Educational seminars, forums and presentations are given to members that outline the definition and consequences of this illegal activity.  

  • WE’RE AFFORDABLE.  Sorority life is an investment in your future.  Chapters help members to plan, budget and afford to participate in activities.  

  • WE’RE NOT RICH.  Sorority members are not wealthy.  Men and women in sororities and fraternities maintain jobs and internships, receive financial aid, and obtain in-chapter scholarships to afford their college education.  

  • WE NETWORK.  Fraternity men and sorority women are afforded networking opportunities through alumni for job assistance and advice, internships exposure and experience, and general direction when entering the work force. 

  • WE HAVE FUN.  Sorority and fraternity members maintain a balance between the classroom and personal time.  Events such as exchanges, date parties, retreats, formals, and parent weekends are just a few of the activities offered.

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