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Recruitment FAQs

Can I send my resume as .pdf?  

Yes.  All documents should be a .pdf or .doc. 


My university says I don't need recommendation letters.

You do not need recommendations to participate in Formal Recruitment. But as this process continues to evolve, we know it would not HURT for you to find recruitment information forms (or as they are called RIFs) or letters of support from alumni you know personally.  But these are NOT required. 

We feel that if you are getting a RIF for a sorority, then it is best if it is done early, even before your college registration opens. So start to work on those now. These can be written throughout the summer as well, but we have found that once you have registered with your local college for recruitment, the information you have submitted there, is what the girls in the houses are using to prepare for your arrival at Recruitment.  

It is to your advantage to make family and friends aware of your intention to participate in the recruitment process. If an alumna offers to write a recommendation for you, accept her offer!

Is Montgomery County Panhellenic going to write my recruitment information forms or recommendations?

Our goal is to assist all potential members in having the best recruitment possible, ending with the maximum number of girls becoming members of a sorority. We know that not all potential new members going through the recruitment process know sorority alumnae, so in an effort to connect potential new members with area alumnae, we have included emails on our registration page for you to use to connect with us!  Recommendations are always best when they come from alumnae that know you or your family personally.


Do I need a RIF or recommendation for ALL 26 National Sororities?

No! First of all, you are not required to have any recommendations to participate in formal recruitment. But as we have stated, we feel that it is in your best interest to try and secure recommendations from alumnae, but only from the sororities listed on your campus panhellenic website. The different sorority chapters and the number of sororities differ from campus to campus, so check out your college's panhellenic site for which sororities participate in formal recruitment.

Whom should I put as a reference on my forms and resumes?

Teachers, coaches, counselors, neighbors, people you have for whom you babysit/pet sit, employers, clergy.  Any of these would be a good choice. 

My school does recruitment in spring--why do I have to register so early?

This is the time the universities expect to see your information and desire to go through recruitment. Therefore, we suggest you register with MCPAA along with Fall Recruitment participants.

My university panhellenic website does not have a registration form available and the website says "registration will open soon." If the registration form is not published on their website until after April/May 1st, will I still be able to register after this due date?

There are two different registrations needed--one with the university, and one with us (MCPAA):

  • The university registration notifies them that you are going through recruitment. Continue to check with them periodically until registration opens.

  • The MCPAA registration gets your information to our alumnae. We need your information by April 1/May 1. The earlier we have your information, the better positioned we are to help you. 


One last thought...

Remember a letter of support or recommendation is a letter of introduction to a collegiate chapter on behalf of a potential new member (PNM).  Membership selection is the privilege and responsibility of the collegiate chapter members.  A reference or letter of recommendation does not guarantee an invitation to membership.  Reference practices vary greatly by chapter and specific questions can be answered by an alumnae chairman in the university's area or by the collegiate chapter chairman or by the university's panhellenic.


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